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Affiliate program GetFit Mining

To receive an affiliate reward, a participant must be the owner of at least one active GetFit Mining miner. For example, until June 9, 2024, you can use the free Bob Mining (demo version), which will allow you to receive an affiliate reward of 25% from each personal sale of miners.

GetFit Mining

Partnership rewards in GetFit Mining account for 65% of all sales. Below is a table to visually display partner payouts depending on the level of team interaction.

An example is given if a participant has 6 Primary miners, sold only 1 miner, and the same sales for one miner were repeated by his personal buyer and subsequent buyers in his line up to the tenth level.

GetFit Mining

In addition to a 25% reward for a personal sale, there is an opportunity to receive rewards from the mining of your team. But... To receive such a reward, the condition must be met: make three personal sales.

GetFit Mining

As can be seen from the above slide, in addition to partner rewards, there is a "Pool of builders, to which 5% of sales are directed and from which bonuses up to and including the fifth level will also be paid.

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